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Last Updated: Feb 08, 2016 11:56PM UTC
Why does the new version of Word Solitaire have advertisements and in-app purchases?
The App Store has changed significantly in the years since the original Word Solitaire was launched. Today our customers demand to play for free and so we’ve had to come up with all-new models to support our valued players while also ensuring we stay in business. The solution is a product that includes in-app purchases and advertisements. We have worked hard to design the all-new Word Solitaire to be enjoyed from start to finish without spending a dime, unlike the legacy version which stopped your progress at Level 20 unless you paid to continue.

The new version of Word Solitaire is too easy! Why?
If you are an experienced player of legacy Word Solitaire, you may find that the new version starts off too easily. Don’t worry: the game progresses to where it becomes even more challenging than the legacy version. Feel free to skip the first “Deuce of Diamonds” level pack altogether.

Do you support landscape mode on iPad in the new Word Solitaire?
In order to optimize playing area and facilitate a greater maximum word length, we are not currently supporting landscape orientation on iPad in the new Word Solitaire.

How do I burn cards in the new Word Solitaire?
Tap the “Remove 1” button towards the bottom right of the game screen. Doing so will allow you to remove a troublesome card from your game board at the cost of 1 PuzzleGem.

Why isn’t the game permitting the word I just spelled?
Word Solitaire uses the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE) dictionary. Please keep in mind there are no proper nouns in this dictionary and there is a 12-letter word limit in the new version of Word Solitaire.

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